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Elder Kelli is one of the MOST ANOINTED, LOVING, HUMBLE, BOLD, STRONG, POWERFUL, FUNNY Beloved Daughters of Almighty Father God that you will ever be blessed to meet. In this MOST ANOINTED and POWERFUL Testimony, you will hear AGAPE through worship in transparency and how Holy Spirit Anointing Encourages, Protects and Demonstrates HIS DIVINE WILL THROUGH HIS ANOINTED ONES, PRAISE GOD! HALLELUJAH! JUST KEEPS GETTING GOODER AND GOODER IN JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY AND HOLY NAME! LOVE YOU ELDERS!!! AGAPE!!!



What more can I say? Beloveds Elder Todd & Kelli have been our SAVING GRACE IN JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY AND HOLY NAME more times than we can possibly count, ALL PRAISE TO AGAPE! Our Beloved Elders have been a HUGE part of our personal lives and Gods Hand Ministries for OVER 7 years! From the times I would need spiritual help and encouragement, MY Elder Todd was ALWAYS there IN HOLY SPIRIT. Elder Todd (like myself and many others) WAS, (meaning WE HAVE DIED IN LORD JESUS CHRIST AND RAISED TO A NEW AND ETERNAL LIFE IN HOLY SPIRIT) we was addicts beyond comprehension. ONLY by the MERCY OF LORD JESUS CHRIST AND THE GRACE OF HIS ANOINTING IN HOLY SPIRIT, FATHER GOD BURIED THE OLD AND RAISED THE ETERNALLY NEW BELOVED IN AND THROUGH HIM, HALLELUJAH! The FRUIT of Holy Spirit is displayed, witnessed, felt through the presence of AGAPE in Elders passion to minister to those who are battling those SAME garbage cocaroaches that HOLY SPIRIT STOMPED OUT IN JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY AND HOLY NAME! Y’ll please keep Our Beloved Elders in your prayers and lift them ALL up as we worship Our Lord Jesus Christ and BLESS HOLY SPIRIT DISCIPLESHIP as we go forward in FAITH, IN AGAPE. Please check back weekly for updates on the worship sermons, testimonials, I AM RECOVERED steps & principles, IF HOLY SPIRIT WANTS IT, YOU WILL HAVE IT, IN JESUS NAME! Remember, it just keeps getting GOODER and GOODER IN JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY AND HOLY NAME! AGAPE! Love, Joey

i am recovered



Beloved Elder Todd Elder will be going through the 12 steps of I AM RECOVERED in worship and INTIMATE testimony in how Lord Jesus Christ saved his soul through the POWER OF HOLY SPIRIT. Come WORSHIP with us as we BLESS AGAPE and ALLOW HIS HOLY PRESENCE TO HEAL US ONLY IN LORD JESUS CHRIST WE PRAY, AMEN.