Welcome to the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED 13th video!!!! PRAISE GOD! In this video, you will be introduced to Elder Darrells Beloved Wife, Sis Kristy, Hallelijah! Please keep in mind, Sis Kristy did NOT want to do this video from the very start of the Divorce Care series. ALL GLORY TO OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, HERE WE ARE! So please, if you have social media, reach out to them, pray for them, encourage them in and THROUGH AGAPE! Amen! They are TRUE examples of AGAPE MARRIAGE IN THE OVERFLOW! PRAISE GOD! 

Divorce Care Ministries is the manifestation of what Holy Spirit has laid on our Beloved Elders heart for the past few years. Other than being an Ordained Elder at Gods Hand Ministries, Bro. Darrell has always had a calling to preach, pastor and love everyone through the ministries. Edler Darrell is currently going through the 12 steps and principles in I AM RECOVERED and applying life changing revelations through Holy Spirit pertaining to Divorce care. Please keep our Beloved Elders in your prayers as we obey what Father God wants us to do in reaching out through love all those that the enemy has decieved and hurt by and through divorce. We are here to say, Father God LOVES you, Jesus Christ DIED FOR YOU and if you want to be set free from this fallen evil world, CONFESS LORD JESUS CHRIST IN YOUR HEART and HOLY SPIRIT WILL RENEW YOUR MIND AND SAVE YOU IN THAT VERY NEXT ETERNAL BREATH, AGAPE! Just keeps getting GOODER and GOODER in Jesus Christ Mighty and Holy name! PRAISE GOD!